OCTOBER 19-20-21, 2018 Denver Marriott Westminster Hotel


Dr. Nick Begich


Dr. Nick Begich is the eldest son of the late United States Congressman from Alaska, Nick Begich Sr., and political activist Pegge Begich. He is well known in Alaska for his own political activities. He was twice elected President of both the Alaska Federation of Teachers and the Anchorage Council of Education. He has been pursuing independent research in the sciences and politics for most of his adult life. Begich received Doctor of Medicine (Medicina Alternitiva), honoris causa, for independent work in health and political science, from The Open International University for Complementary Medicines, Colombo, Sri Lanka, in November 1994.

He co-authored with Jeane Manning the book Angels Don't Play This HAARP; Advances in Tesla Technology. Begich has also authored Earth Rising - The Revolution: Toward a Thousand Years of Peace and and his latest book Earth Rising II- The Betrayal of Science, Society and the Soul both with the late James Roderick. His latest work is Controlling the Human Mind - The Technologies of Political Control or Tools for Peak Performance.
Begich has published articles in science, politics and education and is a well known lecturer, having presented throughout the United States and in nineteen countries. He has been featured as a guest on thousands of radio broadcasts reporting on his research activities including new technologies, health and earth science related issues. He has also appeared on dozens of television documentaries and other programs throughout the world including BBC-TV, CBC-TV, TeleMundo, and others.

Begich has served as an expert witness and speaker before the European Parliament. He has spoken on various issues for groups representing citizen concerns, statesmen and elected officials, scientists and others. He is the publisher and co-owner of Earthpulse Press. He served as Tribal Administrator/Village Planner for the Chickaloon Village Council, a federally recognized American Indian Tribe of the Athabascan Indian Nation for five years and served four years as the Executive Director of The Lay Institute of Technology, Inc. a Texas non-profit corporation. Currently Begich consults for tribal organizations, private corporations and others in a number of research areas.





Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell

Jordan continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy. His interest in these subjects began as far back as 1959. He served for three-and-a-half years as the Religion Editor of Truth Seeker Magazine, America's oldest Freethought Journal (since 1873). His work exploring the hidden foundations of Western religions and secret societies creates enthusiastic responses from audiences around the world. He has conducted dozens of intensive seminars; hosted his own radio talk shows; guested on more than 600 radio shows; and written, produced and appeared in numerous television shows and documentaries (including three two-hour specials for the CBS TV network, as well as the internationally acclaimed five-part Ancient Mystery Series) - all devoted to understanding ancient religions and their pervasive influence on world affairs today. His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades. Considering the rapidly moving events of today and the very real part hidden religious agendas play in our modern war-torn world, he feels these controversial subjects are not only interesting to explore, but too important to ignore! His extraordinary presentations include documents and photographs seldom seen elsewhere.

Jordan's areas of interest include:

* Astro-Theology

* Foundations of Modern-Day Religion

* Secret Societies and Toxic Religion

* World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern

* Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems

* Ancient Sciences and Technology

* Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries

* The Sun in the History of Politics and Religion

* The Story Your Church Doesn't Want You to Know

* Secret Societies and Their Influence on World Events






Gary Barnes

Gary Barnes is "The Breakthrough Business Mastery Coach". A High-Performance Business and Sales Strategist, Popular National and International Speaker & Award Winning #1 International Amazon Best-Selling Author (9 books). Gary's clients span over 7 countries and has been published by many outlets including the Boston Globe, LA Daily News, Miami Herald, CBS Money Watch, Morningstar and Worth Magazine. He has been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS & TEDX.

He is the founder of Gary Barnes International. As a leading authority, he has created several successful companies personally selling over $280 million dollars in products and services. To do this, he developed principles & tools that helped him increase his production by 1800% (actually 3000% plus) over a 4 year period.
He also understands dealing with adversity, showcased in his internationally acclaimed book How a Beaver Saved My Life where he has fought a life-threatening illness & won. In 1988 Gary was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was told that he would be in a wheelchair or dead within 10 years. Never owning that diagnosis Gary created a process that has changed lives around the world.
Gary's early education in theology and psychology along with his chaplaincy training enabled him to create a Socratic methodology of asking strategic questions. This process allows individuals and organizations to discover their "stuck places" providing opportunities for conscious adjustments. These adjustments provides predictable positive results.
He also loves adventure and has completed a world class 40-foot firewalk, flown a World War II P-51 fighter, flown on a trapeze, driven in a Destruction Derby (his car was the Purple Passion); completed a 75 foot bungee jump; and climbed 14,000 foot mountains. He's a drummer and a Police Academy Graduate.
He believes that your worst day is the day you meet the man or woman you could have been. It's a choice.


LECTURE: How a Beaver Saved My Life - Keynote

A dramatic look into Gary's journey when doctors told him in 1988 that he would be in a wheelchair or dead within 10 years. Gary shares engaging, deeply touching and sometimes hilarious stories that makes the experience so real that audiences feel that they are there with Gary. Gary not only give details of what happened to him and his family, but he share the actual process he developed through visualization which astounded every neurologist that he has seen. This visualization process can be utilized by anyone who is going through an adversity experience which will greatly enhance the possibility of the most positive, but not always perfect outcome.
Gary says "I would not wish my life on anyone, but I would not change anything because I would not be the person I am today if I did!"

At some point everyone faces challenges. Gary's hope is by sharing his experience that it will inspire and enable none who faces challenges to embrace the cosmic belief that anything is possible.

WORKSHOP: The Power of GET StatementsTM Rebooting Your Brain for Success

The Power of GET StatementsTM is the quick and easy, go to strategy for creating what you want. Gary created this laser focused process which engages your reticular activation system allowing you to see opportunities that were invisible before.
Gary created an acronym around the word GET. It means Great Expectations Today! The beauty and magic of Gary strategy is that you do not have to believe that they will work - you just have to engage in the process for them to work. This manifesting process unlocks possibilities turning them into probabilities.






Jay Weidner
Called by Wired Magazine an "authority on the hermetic and alchemical traditions," Jay Weidner is a renowned filmmaker, author and scholar. Considered to be a ‘modern-day Indiana Jones' for his ongoing worldwide quests to find clues to mankind's spiritual destiny via ancient societies and artifacts, his body of work offers great insight into the circumstances that have led to the current global crisis. He is writer/director of the feature film, The Last Avatar, director of the critically acclaimed documentary, Infinity: The Ultimate Trip, Journey Beyond Death and writer/director of the documentary series on the work of Stanley Kubrick, Kubrick's Odyssey and Beyond the Infinite.

Jay was featured in the History Channel's documentary, The Lost Book of Nostradamus and was associate producer and featured in the History Channel's special, Nostradamus 2012. He was also featured in the documentary, Room 237, in Brad Meltzer's Decoded, and in Jesse Ventura's, Conspiracy Theory (TruTV).
He is the co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time published by Destiny Books and A Monument to the End of Time (with Vincent Bridges).
In 2000, he founded Sacred Mysteries together with his wife, Sharron Rose. He has directed 15 films in the current Sacred Mysteries DVD Collection including, The Last Avatar, Infinity, Secrets of Alchemy, Artmind, Healing the Luminous Body, Quantum Astrology, Sophia Returning and more.

Since 2012, Jay has been Senior Director of Original Programming for Gaia TV, the on-line alternative television network for which he develops and produces cutting edge programs and series such as Cosmic Disclosure and Wisdom Teachings starring David Wilcock, Deep Space, a series about the Secret Space Program, Beyond Belief with George Noory, Open Minds with Regina Meredith, Hidden Origins with Michael Tellinger Hollywood Decoded, and many more. For greater insight into this work, go to www.gaia.com/weidner.





Dr. Sarah Larsen


Dr. Larsen is a Medical Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Public Speaker, and Business Consultant to entrepreneurs and visionaries. Her education as a healer began with her grandmother in rural Pakistan. She received a degree as Medical Doctor from Medical University of the Americas. Her approach to intuitive healing is described as merging ancient wisdom, science, and spirituality for optimal living and completion of your soul's journey!

Dr. Sarah Larsen is a transformational teacher and guide who inspires and empowers you in living purposefully and powerfully. Her work transforms people's lives very rapidly. She is a world-class speaker, entrepreneur, artist and visionary whose work unites the world of business with essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit. She leads retreats to Egypt, Italy and other Sacred Sites around the world.











Dr. Scott Werner is a Healer, Medical Intuitive, Lecturer, and Spiritual Author of "Take Back Your Health", "The Next Step in Human Evolution"


LECTURE: 24 strands of DNA manifestation, 4:00 PM TO 5:45 PM FRIDAY SEPT 16TH


Dr. Scott Werner started doing parasite cleanses, magnetics, chelation therapy in 1987 on just a few patients. He found that it worked so well, He then started recommending it to all those for whom it was indicated. When he attended his first meeting of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) in 1997.

He found there were hundreds of other physicians doing what he was doing.

At this point, he wrote that I had done the treatments on hundreds of patients, and all have experienced benefit getting the heavy metal and Toxic load decreased in their systems. One of my patients asked if there was a way you could do it orally, so they wouldn't have to sit in the Doctors' office with an IV for three + hours. I developed an oral chelation formula, which was sold to an Herbal production company. I practiced Medicine in Utah for 15 years, and was in Arizona prior to that. I have practiced Alternative/Complimentary Medicine for fifteen years and have seen thousands of patients and used herbs, essential oils, homeopathic, energetic remedies and chelation to assist healing "un-treatable illnesses and dis-eases".

I voluntarily relinquished my Medical Licenses in Arizona and Utah in 2005, to practice what I truly believe in. I currently do spiritual intuitive Medical readings for clients, putting them on the natural organic products which will help them the most. I currently lecture many groups, including professionals, learning about Herbal products and healing. I have been told by many, I am one of the most informative, animated speakers they have ever heard.

I studied Herbs, essential oils, Homeopathic remedies, Toning frequencies and many other modalities of healing. I instantly know what people need to heal through spiritual readings. I currently treat patients all over the United States, Canada, Central-South America, Southeast Asia, and Europe.





Maureen St Germain


Maureen St. Germain has over 25 years of experience in the area of mystical and sacred traditions. Known as the Practical Mystic, Maureen is a prolific teacher and facilitator of spiritual knowledge for contemporary life. A lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years.
Widely known for her Amazon.com best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life, she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of research on ancient truths and teaching meditation. In her latest book, Waking Up in 5D - A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation, Maureen reveals how to develop a deeper Higher Self connection, and to consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force.

Labeled a modern-day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, Maureen has taught in 24 countries throughout Europe, Canada, USA, Egypt, China and Japan, including workshops at Kripalu and Omega Institute. Her books have been translated into Russian, Italian and Chinese.
Insightful, compassionate, entertaining and funny, her primary focus is developing tools to support individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening. Maureen is the author of four books, and the composer and voice of dozens of guided meditations, as well as the steward of AroMandalas®, a line of healing essential oil blends channeled by Mary Magdalene.



Friday Lecture: Synchronizing Body Mind and Soul to 5D

By now you may have realized that engaging the heart is key to achieving 5th dimensional frequency. The new frequency of 5D requires BALANCE between the heart and the mind. Learn how to balance your ego and your heart. At the same time, you want to bring your mind more in control of your physical body, because as you learn to manifest, you will become an instant manifestor. This is what we all want, right? Well not if you do not know how to control your body or your thoughts!

Saturday Workshop: How can you create Heaven on Earth and be your 5D self!

Everyone is moving intermittently into 5D. Wouldn't you like to learn how to get there and stay there?
Learn ways to move beyond judgment and engage the compassion that rules 5D existence. Discover how to bend or stretch time to operate outside the rules of time as you know them. Understand mind melds, and dimensional shifts. Discovering why abandoning the need to know allows you to get information you'd not thought of. Eliminate age-old reactive patterns by simply asking a very specific way. Learn the one simple phrase said daily can change everything for you and everyone around you. Discover how to end the cycle of karma that has held you in specific patterns. Get ready to open yourself to answers that would never have occurred to the 3D version of yourself, Discover the sacred geometry that can rapidly advance you permanently into 5D.





Saeed David Farman


Saeed David Farman is an international Icon a Futurist, New Humanity Movement Founder a global consciousness movement & CEO of 5D events.

Saeed is Pioneer of Quantum Transcendental Transformation Shift in ASCENSION. Since 1985 he has been in consciousness research.

Saeed has traveled to Energy sites in Cusco, Machu Picchu in Peru, Brazil, Iran, Thailand, Mexico, France, Italy, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria and Glastonbury, UK.

Saeed is the CEO/ Director of 5D Events a Science & Consciousness event business in Los Angeles, Berkley, Las Vegas and London for past 8 years which it has changed many lives in each event for many people.

Saeed also is the Director of BioRegenesis Conference a Health & Wellness events. For past 25 years Saeed has been be researching different fields and sciences such as UFOLOGY, ET contact/ Exopolitics, MARS, Terra Forming, Teleportation, Time travel, Spiritual UFOLOGY in ET Contact, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry, Mysticism, Sufism, Bible Code, Pyramidology, Meditation, Prophecy, Energy Healing, Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Future Life Regression 30,000 years forward, had few Near Death experiences, Flotation Tank out of body research that has changed his views in life.

Saeed Studied Advanced Pure Mathematics in UK passed the university of London test plus Computer Science extension courses in UCLA, California.

Saeed has 27 years of Management experience in computer industry been CEO, President and Vice President of different companies in Distribution and manufacturing with managing over 30 employees he has achieved over $20 million in annual sales record in D& B record in 1994. Saeed has also studied Sufism of Grand Saint of all saints Ibn Arabi of Andalusia, Spain & Moulana Jalaaudin Rumi's Philosophy under Sufi Master PIR Vilayat Inayat Khan former head of Sufi order of America the Chishti Sufi order for many years.

Saeed is IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Advanced Energy Healer.

Saeed has New Visions for New Humanity that will change the future like nothing before!

New Humanity Movement consists of a global group of Awakened, Humanitarian, Peace loving humans who believe in a new Earth with common goals for a totally different future outcome, our Movement is currently rewriting a new Future in a positive direction for mankind by bringing forward new ideas and ways for living in harmony and peace with a universal code of ethics and standards, New Humanity Movement is a Global one has no borders & looks at humanity as one entity, members discuss, share, research and implement new possibilities in Science, Technology, Health, Healing, ET contact, Space exploration, Spiritual expansion & Transformation of Consciousness, Permaculture and how to create a new path for Humanity with Global Peace, Freedom, Free energy, Free Speech, moving away from current banking system, Geo Engineering, GMO food industrialization, Mind control spying systems, Militarization, Secret societies, Nuclearization of the planet, Warmongering strategies & Enslavement of masses, purpose of the New Humanity Movement is to help assist our whole planet to shift into a higher state of consciousness & awareness.

His event website: http://5devents.com








Clyde is a powerful voice in parapolitical and paranormal news and commentary. With a diverse background in news, acting, writing and radio, he entertains and captivates audiences across multiple platforms. Lewis' career in radio began in Utah in 1982 and he created Ground Zero in 1995 in Salt Lake City. Lewis has produced Ground Zero programs online, on radio and on television. The program (which takes its name from the scientific definition of the term) joined FM News 101 KXL in 2011 and consistently ranks #1 in the market.
Ground Zero is nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks and broadcasting on close to 300 radio stations across the country. Lewis has appeared in a SHOWTIME special with magicians Penn & Teller, as well as the television programs, Sightings, Strange Universe, The Conspiracy Channel and the Discovery Channel special, Return to the Bermuda Triangle. He has been published in Paranoia Magazine, UFO Magazine and Unknown Magazine, and has been featured in Rolling Stone. Lewis is the model for characters in such books as Safe House by Andrew Vachss, Supernatural Law by Batton Lash, and Alien Invasion by Michael Tresca. His three published books are Riding the Shockwave, Disclosure: UFOS, and Resist the Darkness. A fan of B-horror and science-fiction movies, comic books and mythology, Lewis has also published his own fanzines and co-written scripts for television and radio. He appeared in the movies Nightfall, which he co-wrote with director Kevin Delullo; Cage in Box Elder; and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV, in which he provided the voice of the title character.






Marina Jacobi

From a little girl Marina Jacobi has had the ability to connect with loved ones from the other side, through a process of automatic writing, as well as having vivid dreams that were becoming real. She has also developed the ability to truly connect with different guidance's through her life. Eventually Marina relocated to the United States, where she was connected with an E.T. race that called themselves, Hybrids. The Hybrids taught Marina to telepathically connect and hear them with the new metaphysical teachings. She learned the structure of the universe, and the connection with consciousness, the quantum field, parallel realities, dimensions and the true existence and nature of the E.T. races. This led Marina to develop a true understanding and education about the nature of our existence guided by the Hybrids. They also taught her how to detox her body. Marina Jacobi is currently on a raw vegan/ juicing diet. Before 2012, she was connected by RA who taught her a higher level of teachings and the changes to planet Earth. She was also connected by The Pleiadian's that gave her the new advanced E.T. Technology, which she documented in two books called 'The Harmonic Reactor' and the latest book, ‘Nano Technologies'. The technologies are about teleportation, parallel realities, dimension, densities, healing, and the life AI consciousness for quantum computer algorithm. Lately, Marina is working with a higher consciousness called The Council of 9, and working with different scientist to help humanity with the ascension of the new 5D Earth. Finally, in 2016, Marina was contacted by the 11 Dimensional Beings were she receives new messages for humanity about technologies, current status of government structures, and suggestions for the new Earth Aria intergalactic timeline. Marina continues to distribute and help humanity to this day. To learn more about Marina Jacobi and her work, please visit her website at:



How is consciousness constructed and what is the connection between consciousness and matter. ( Brief introduction )
Contact with the Council of 9, RA , The Pleiadians and Advance Extra terrestrial Technologies .
Introduction to the Harmonic Reactor and the Nano technology given to Marina Jacobi by the Pleiadians and the Council for 9.


 This protocol was give to Marina Jacob form the Hybrids and the Council of 9
You will learn how to manifest and create your hologram and how to construct and
deconstruct and shift your parallel realities and timelines.
Learn the alchemy of creation.







Brad Olsen is author of nine books including two in his Esoteric Series: "Modern Esoteric" and "Future Esoteric." An award-winning author, book publisher and event producer, his keynote presentations and interviews have enlightened audiences at Contact in the Desert, Awareness Life Expo, the 5D events and dozens of radio (including Coast to Coast, Ground Zero, and Fade to Black) and television shows (including Ancient Aliens, America Unearthed, and Mysteries of the Outdoors). In August, 2017, Brad Olsen started hosting his own syndicated radio show called "The Esoteric Circle." Brad is a founder and co-producer of the How Weird Street Faire in the SOMA neighborhood of his home-base San Francisco. Brad was featured on the front page of SF Bay Guardian in September 2014. The Chicago native's esoteric writing continues to reach a wide audience while he continues breaking ground in alternative journalism, public speaking, illustration and photography.

Lecture on: Forbidden Archeology:" The Mystery of Giants in our Ancient History"
Brad Olsen's presentation includes a collection of little-known images combined with compelling evidence that the ancient history we were taught in school does not correspond with common sense reality. From Egyptian hieroglyphics that clearly show giants among common people, to the many mound sites in North America which produced skeletons many times the size of normal humans, this lecture aims to blow the lid off the conventional archaeology narrative. We will also examine the cartographic features of the Piri Re'is Map and the Buache Map, which depict Antarctica free from ice, including some big surprises below the ice and a location where a new round of giants are being uncovered!








Donna Aazura is an author, teacher, healer, and leader in advancing consciousness and heart awakening. Aazura is the Founder of the New Human ProjectTM and developer of Conscious Alchemy Quantum HealingTM. The New Human Project is dedicated to the upliftment of the consciousness of humanity through evolutionary healing, education and love. Aazura's upcoming book shares her journey to the transformational gift of Conscious Alchemy Quantum HealingTM. Her commitment is to assist in the evolution of human consciousness and anchoring more love on Earth.
After a near death experience in 1986, Aazura awakened to a new way of perceiving life and the world. She has inspired, mentored, and transformed people's lives around the world through Conscious Alchemy Quantum HealingTM. CAQH quickly identifies, and with Divine assistance, instantly removes unsupportive belief structures and conditioning.

CAQH literally deletes the illusions of separation from the Authentic Higher Self, changing an individual's core resonance to enable life to align in a higher frequency reality. CAQH creates lasting change at the quantum level of consciousness. A few of the many benefits of CAQH are greater inner peace, self-love, healthier relationships, improved physical health, expanded personal freedom, and sovereignty. Aazura is currently pursuing her PhD in Natural Medicine at Quantum University. During the course of her 25 year career in holistic health, Aazura has professionally worked as a certified Medical Hypnotherapist, certified Transformational Breath work facilitator, and she has developed the breath work system, Life Alchemy BreathworkTM.

In 2018 Aazura is presenting an advanced workshop for women entitled Reclaim Your Sovereignty and Free Will. She presented Relationships for the New Earth: Busting the Illusions of Separation and demonstrated CAQH at Stellar Productions Live in 2013, featuring Gregg Braden. She also participated in panel discussion and demonstrated CAQH clearings for a group of 50 people at Stellar Productions Live in 2012, featuring Dr. Joe Dispenza.
Aazura and her husband Loras Peter, co-founder of the New Human Project, offer CAQH sessions, present lectures, and healing events addressing various aspects of the New Human and the New Earth. Their advanced healing gifts make it possible to clear multiple subconscious patterns for groups as well as individuals. Loras's healing gifts, along with his creation of his Sacred Geometry Light PortalsTM bring an interdimensional healing experience through New Human Project events and private sessions.

Visit Aazura at www.newhumanproject.com

"I have worked in the healing world for many years and not many other modalities have such an illustrious track record as Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing. Aazura's work reaches a depth of information in "the field" that she is able to assist in permanently releasing. In these realms miracles can do happen!"
Allyn Orwig, Ph.D Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Live Blood Microscopist

"Conscious Alchemy Quantum Healing has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. I am more confident, completely comfortable being me, and living my life from a place of empowerment. It is truly the most profound work I've ever done. Once these false beliefs about yourself and your life are identified, Aazura clears them out of your holographic field. She can do in 2 hours what years of talk therapy never accomplishes. Her work changed my life and truly put me on a path to living my divine destiny and living it joyfully."
Paige Harrington Prendergast CEO - Love Ignites Peace.






Greg Larsen


Greg is Co-Founder of Miracle Makers Academy, an author, sound healer, and meditation teacher.

He has traveled the world in search of spiritual truths, from the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza, to ancient Hindu temples in the remote jungles of India. Greg spent many years in Nashville as a singer-songwriter and his book is based on his song "Better Friends," about an adult son looking to reconcile with his father.
Greg was cast as a contestant on season 4 on the award winning Norwegian Reality TV show, Alt for Norge (All for Norway.) He considers this one of his most incredible manifestation accomplishments, just behind his role as a husband, business partner, best friend, soul mate, and lover with Dr. Sarah and father to their miracle maker children, Jasmine and Tyler.
His book is called Better Friends.

Website is Miracle Makers Academy










Sharron ROSE

Sharron Rose
President, Sacred Mysteries Distribution
VP, Sacred Mysteries Productions

Sharron Rose, M.A. Ed., is a true renaissance woman. A filmmaker, choreographer, composer, author, teacher and healer, she has spent the past forty years working in the fields of education and the arts to investigate, integrate, and impart the knowledge, and wisdom of ancient and traditional cultures throughout the world.
In the realm of filmmaking, Sharron is the producer of The Last Avatar feature film, writer/director/host of the documentary films, 2012 The Odyssey and Timewave 2013, and executive producer of the documentary, Infinity: The Ultimate Trip, She is creator of the DVD Yoga of Light, and producer of many documentaries and instructional videos for Sacred Mysteries, which she founded in 2000 along with her husband, Jay Weidner. Prior to this time, she produced and directed many world dance and music videos. Currently, she is producer/director for Sacred Mysteries' new documentary series, Quantum Qi: The Taoist Art of Nurturing Life. In addition, in 2017, she began assisting with screening and selecting acquired content for the online network Gaia.com.
From 1983-1988, with the assistance of a Professional Development Grant from the American Institute of Indian Studies, and a Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, she began extensive research into the art, culture and spiritual traditions of North India. During this time she became the first American disciple of early Bollywood film star, and renowned Classical Indian dancer, Sitara Devi and immersed herself in the ancient yogic, artistic and philosophical heritage of India. Since that time, she has consistently sought out other remnants of these rich symbolic teachings in the ancient traditions of Egypt, Tibet, Kabbalah, Shamanism, Gnosticism and Taoism. She has also trained in the healing arts of Cranio-sacral Therapy and the Psychophysical Method of Neuro-sensory Re-education.

Throughout her extensive career, Sharron has lectured and performed in numerous schools, universities and for cultural organizations and museums throughout the world. In addition, she has served as a consultant to the National Endowment for the Arts.

Sharron is the author of the award-winning book, The Path of the Priestess: A Guidebook for Awakening the Divine Feminine (Inner Traditions). She is also the producer/ director of the forthcoming, Awaken To The Light, a world music and dance performance project, which celebrates the many aspects of the feminine. From her many years as both scholar and practitioner in these ancient ritual arts, she brings a unique perspective on the power and potential of integrating mind, body and spirit.






Andrei began his meditation training over 18 years ago under martial arts legend Stephen K. Hayes, as well as under his teacher, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan. While training with Hayes, he served the Dalai Lama as a protection escort and security adviser, and was initiated into the Diamond and Lotus tradition of Tendai Mikkyo, a form of esoteric Tantric Buddhism. Here, he discovered his dharma for Tantric healing.

Bridging the wisdoms of both the East and the West, Andrei holds a PhD in metaphysics and is certified as a Professional Life Coach by Fowler Wainwright International, as well as an NLP Practitioner. Working directly with Dr. James Bare, he built his own version of the Rife/Bare device, which utilizes plasma waves and harmonic resonance for healing. Today he works with people from all walks of life, from victims of rape and abuse to corporate executives, star athletes, Hollywood celebrities, and even a presidential candidate as well as three royal families.

In 2010, Andrei was inducted into the order of the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia, and in 2014 he was invited to join the board of directors of the Declaration of Consciousness Movement and World Yoga Day. An internationally-recognized keynote speaker, Andrei has led group meditations at the LA Coliseum and presented workshops at events including Bhakti Fest, Contact in the Desert, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, and the Conscious Life Expo.

For more information about his research and work, please visit www.zpoint.org and www.TantricAwakening.net


"Here's your chance to train with a modern day Jedi." ~ Lynn Moore, actress "Graceland"

"This man is amazing." ~ Keith Mitchell, NFL star and yoga instructor

"You are meditative Oneness, Divine Brother!" ~ Nandhi Tapasyogi, founder World Yoga Day

"If you haven't done this yet, it's a must!! Out of this world, amazing stuff people." ~ Zen D., talent agency president

"Simply... life changing." ~ Erik M., Reiki practitioner and massage therapist

"Far more than I expected. Connecting in interactive meditation allowed me to peal away my walls and open up my channel for a higher vibration. Thank you!" ~ Miriam S., musician

"One of the best coaches out there, as well as a fantastic motivational speaker who is always an inspiration to listen to. He keeps me centered, focused & clear." ~ Tomas M., South Africa

"He naturally has the ability to find the sore spots and with compassion and sensitivity turn them around. His empathy, infectious enthusiasm, and insightful coaching have brought a chain of successes and new clients. You made me feel safe and I knew I was in good hands right from the start. Thank you from my heart." ~ Kristina H., Hawaii

"The message he delivers definitely resonates with me and has had a positive impact on my life, helping me fulfill a dream after foundering in the desert for the last 3 years." ~ Priscilla S., Miami
"Attending your seminar in London was one of THE best investments I've made in my life. I'm feeling true confidence for the first time, and it's exciting. This is the real deal." ~ Robert J., Manchester

"Amazing work, beautiful heart!" ~ Oz G., brand & strategy consultant

Where Ancient Traditions and Modern Science Meet:
The Case for Quantum Consciousness and Healing

Drawing on his vast research into the origins and common threads of many of the world's spiritual traditions as well as his own hands-on experience as a remote viewer and energy healer, Andrei will explain the mechanics of how quantum consciousness and healing work, and share practical exercises for unlocking and enhancing your own latent abilities.

Where Ancient Traditions and Modern Science Meet:
The Case for Quantum Consciousness and Healing.